A korg Krome into your Nautilus ?

Author : Cyph

First step with the Korg Nautilus, was to read the F*****g manual (quick start) and to discover the delicious factory sounds...

Then, it was time to bring some fresh sounds, but as I do not know how the 9 sound engine work, I decided to check if I could take some benefits from my previous KORG synth, the Korg Krome...

As I also manage the http://www.kromeheaven.com website, it was obsvious that I should try to import the whole PCG collection already done for the Korg Krome.

And....TA-DA, I managed to open the PRELOAD.PCG file from a standard Korg Krome on the Nautilus : some sounds are working, but they do not sound properly (MS mapping is not correct due to the method I used...)

So Next step :

-To understand and manage automatically multisample assignment for a direct use on the Nautilus.

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